XT910 JB Stock camera downgraded?


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Nov 1, 2012
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Hi Guys,
I successfully did OTA update from ICS to JB 982.124.17 in my (non-rooted) XT910 Maxx two weeks ago

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Now I like to know if the JB camera is downgraded or if I have some issues with the camera update.

While time ago before the update I installed the camera apk from the RAZR HD XT925 running ICS to try to see if the panorama capture speed improved over my stock ICS camera, having the XT925 camera installed I could use both cameras but the output results were almost the same not any significant improvement over speed or quality compared to my stock camera the only difference was that the XT925 camera was able to rotate the menus using the gyro/accelerometer, now when I upgraded to JB only one camera remain and is now downgraded missing the panorama option and missing that why I consider the best option of the RAZR XT910 camera, the Low Light mode!

According to the Motorola JB update have some improvements over the camera including better panorama and HDR (HDR I'm not totally sure) but I don't see any of this functions

Here is the last photo that I take in ICS with the good Low Light mode

View attachment 63808

If only my camera is not updated correctly can some share with me the stock apk from XT910 JB?

Update: Some one know if I can use the JB apk camera from RAZR i?