Xposed Mod Swipe Up To Sleep


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Oct 6, 2011
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As screens become bigger and bigger finding the power button on your device can also be more and more cumbersome. Some phones require you to shimmy the device down in your hand so you can reach a poorly placed power button that sits on the top of the device. The HTC One M8 comes to mind. Of course the latest round of flagships seem to have improved on this. The One M9 now has the power button dead center on the right side which is better than it being on top, but it is still oddly placed as it can easily be mistaken for the volume button.

The Galaxy lineup has had excellent placement of the power button in the last several flagships that have been released. The Nexus 6 and Moto X even had a pretty good power button placement. If you are however rocking one of those phones that has a less than ideal power button placement you will want to make use of an all new Xposed module by developer "looklookson". His module turns off your screen when you swipe up from the home button! The only downside is that it replaces the Google Now function. This module has been tested on the HTC E8 on Sense 6.0, but should work on other devices and firmware.