XOOM WiFi gets Android 4.0.4 Update; faster screen rotation, better camera & more


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Dec 30, 2010
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The Motorola XOOM WiFi edition should be receiving a useful new update soon. It will bring it to Android version 4.0.4, and includes some new features and improvements. Moto has already started sending out emails regarding the update, but not everyone has started getting it yet. Here's a quote from the email with some details:

Android 4.04 (IMM76) Software Update for the Motorola XOOM™ WIFI users in the US


We are pleased to announce a new software update for the Motorola XOOM™ WIFI in the US. This Android 4.04 (IMM76) software update by Motorola includes numerous enhancements. Upgrade today for peak performance.

For more information on Motorola updates and product support, please visit us at: Support Homepage - Motorola USA

Who Can Use This Release

ALL Motorola XOOM — US WIFI users

After downloading and installing the software release, you will notice:


  • Quicker screen rotation
  • A new setting to choose whether the power button immediately locks the device or not
  • Microsoft Exchange improvements with additional EAS policies
  • Better phone number recognition
  • Camera and image quality improvements
  • Improved stability
Sound off in the forums if you have already received the update, and share your thoughts.

Source: XoomForums via AndroidCentral
I hope the screen rotation is part of ICS and not motorola's changes. The Prime can get annoying when it rotates slowly. Same with the camera image quality improvement. They are great photos, but hey, who doesn't want a better image quality =). Also nice to see Moto supporthing their device.
I purchased the Xoom WiFi the day it was available. I know the screen isn't the best in the market, but the only time it's a factor is when I use it in direct sunlight. For me that rarely happens. I haven't even bothered to see if my SD card is what stores anything since nearly 100% of my content is streamed and I have yet to hit a storage ceiling. yes, my Xoom is not perfect. But...

...I have to say of all of my tech purchases throughout the years this is one of the best I've ever made. It actually did change the way I used the internet, communicated, and experienced content. I hardly use my home computer for anything besides work anymore. I tether my Xoom to my phone and I'm good to go. I haven't felt the need to root it, I haven't felt the need to upgrade (yet), and those things are RARE for me. The screen size is ample, the weight has never bothered me, and so far the build has been rock solid.

I noticed, not to long ago, that a lot of people who said they were going to hold out for tablet "A" or tablet "B" last year still haven't even purchased a tablet to this day. There were many heated discussions on this board with those who didn't own a tablet saying they wouldn't buy one yet because it was too heavy, the screen was too big, they made a big deal about one thing or another. To this day I know for a fact many of them who claimed to be in the market for a tablet STILL don't own a tablet. If I had listened to them I would have missed all of the times in the past year where my Xoom was exactly the tool I needed. It gave me info and guided me through Italian museums. Chilled with me in the shade on Palomino Island in Puerto Rico. Helped me pass time in airports and on bus rides.

On Sunday my charger broke, and my new one should be waiting on my doorstep when I get home. This morning I ran out of juice and it made me think about how integral this device, for me, has become.

I just want to say, good job Motorola/Google. You have one satisfied customer.
Cool. I hope they get out a 3g/4g Xoom update like this too in the coming months.