[Rumor] New Update Being Tested for Motorola XOOM WiFI May be Jelly Bean


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Dec 30, 2010
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Motorola just recently started asking members of its Feedback Network to sign up for a new software test for the Motorola XOOM WiFI edition. What's particularly exciting about this is the timing of it. It is very possible that this update may be more than just the typical bug fix treatment, and may in fact be Jelly Bean. During the Google Keynote at I/O this year, the WiFI Motorola XOOM was listed with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S as amongst the first devices to get Android 4.1. Google suggested a delivery time in July, so it is logical to presume that Jelly Bean could be this software update for which Motorola is asking for testers.

What do you guys think? Good logic or jumping to conclusions and wishful thinking?

Source: XoomForums via Phandroid
Well, considering I don't have a XOOM, I'm jealous of anyone who does...and this makes me even more jealous! :biggrin: I sure hope it comes for all the XOOM owners out there. That piece of hardware hasn't really gotten the attention it deserves IMHO.
Yep.. quickly replaced with the xyboard. And I don't see a huge difference.. lol. Oh.. my xyboard fried... :banghead:

signed up for that through a survey, haven't seen the update yet.
I purchased the wifi model on release also... Totally happy. It's my primary way of getting online now. My desktop has been relegated to heavy lifting and work duties.

I'm a little tempted to upgrade if they release a 10" nexus tablet, but I won't be truly tempted to get it unless it's cheap and my Xoom shows signs of slowing down. A 7" tablet doesn't interest me AT ALL.
Got the email and signed up too. I'm sure it's JB since they're not working on ICS anymore, and the Google IO announcement of mid-July :)