Wrong USB cord = reboot?


Jan 14, 2010
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A few weeks ago I was using a longer USB cord that I had for a previous phone to charge the Droid b/c it was a much longer cord. Then I started to notice that the phone would randomly reboot when it was connected to my computer with that cord. It did it when I was doing simple things and I know it did it a few times when it was sitting idle b/c I could hear the "droid" ringtone when the phone rebooted.

So I switch back to the stock cord and no problems since. Today I got stuck having to use someone else's USB to plug into a computer to make sure I had a charge to get me through my day and the rebooting happened at least 6 times that I know of. When it's not rebooting the other cords are charging the phone and allowing me to transfer files.

Now that I'm home and using the stock USB no problems....

What gives? Is there a longer USB cord out there that is available for our phones that wont cause this headache?
I know Ive heard a lot of people have problems with non- motorola brand wall chargers, so maybe its just any after market cords or chargers? That's weird though that they cause those problems, Ive never used anything but my standard usb/charger that came with mine so Ive never experienced that

Great find on these cables. I've ordered two. One for home and one to take with me. Thanks