Wrong phone >_<

Apr 26, 2011
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So on Sunday i was talking to a Verizon rep about all the problems with my D2G and what not, not getting into that. Well, he ordered me a Droid3 and the request went right through, according to him. He then put in the request for a Droid3 Battery/Battery door and then that was approved not long after. But i just got the order today. Just now actually. I open up the first box to find a Droid 3 battery, brand new in the box. I also find a Droid 3 Battery cover, brand new in the box. But no Droid 3. So i go ahead and open the other box. What do i find? Another Droid 2 Global. No Droid 3. And apparently my dad does not like having a phone because he did not pay the bill and our service was suspended this morning. This being said i cannot call Verizon to find out why they cannot function properly. Any suggestions? /: