writing to a controller w/ Dinc


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Nov 21, 2010
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Frederick MD
Hi I am just starting to try to think this through a bit....heres what I am attempting.

The machines I work on are controlled by a Siemens controller, which from time to time need to have their code updated or changed. The process for replacing existing code is to insert an sd card (standard sized) into the controller which contains a .zip file. The .zip must be extracted to the root prior to being inserted to the controller. The controller will recognize the new code, format itself, and load what it see's on the sd. The sd is removed once the controller does it's thing. The contents are then re-compressed and removed from the sd by the technician.

In the field this is a problem. When we find a controller with problematic code we need to have the updated .zip file e-mailed to us (if what we have on file has become obsolete), then we need to find power for the laptop as well as a place to tether, then we can move the .zip to sd and extract it, then feed it to the machine.

I am trying to think of the best way to do this with my resources (a Dinc and a laptop with no sd slot). It seems like if I could just get the email to my phone with the .zip I could easily use the phone to either program the sd or interface with the controller.

The micro sd in my phone would work fine as long as i put all it's contents in a folder and extract the .zip outside that folder but I have yet to see an adapter to increase a micro to the size of a standard.

There has to be some sort of usb interface, which I could plug the sd into and then extract the .zip from my phone into the sd root, right? I have yet to look, and I'm not sure if the Dinc can work with an external hard drive (the sd)

I hope I'm making sense and I appreciate any help!