Wow the new Dolphin Browser is aweosme!


Aug 28, 2010
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I'm typing this from my phone with the new Dolphin browser. I've been using Opera Mobile as my daily browser because of how smooth it is but it looks like Dolphin's new browser is even smoother. I'm impressed. Never thought I would uninstall Opera and use Dolphin but it looks like I am today. Props to the Dolphin team!
I was in the same boat today, however, I have yet to uninstall opera yet....Still seeing which I like better
I have always used Dolphin, but recently began using Opera's desktop browser which blows all other browsers out of the water. Unfortunatly I'm disappointed with Opera's Android version. I like Dolphin's tab system better, its bookmarks capabilities and its extensions especially the screen cut extension. Opera is a little smoother and lighter, but just doesn't measure up to Dolphin.

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Ive been a dolphin browser fan since day 1....but i just realized a new feature i have been searching for.

Youtube addon..... allows you to view youtube videos that are not permitted on mobile devices.... in essance, the addon is a workaround.

I have subscribed to the cartoon network robot chicken channel and it never wprked on mobile.... now it does

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