Would this ruin my Droid?


Jul 31, 2010
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Hello dedicated community.

I have been trolling around quite a bit lately as my Droid X is on its way from Verizon. I'm looking into car docks now, and here's my dilemma:

I really want to use this
ThinkGeek :: Tetrax Magnetic Gadget Holders
as a mount for my DX, however do not want to get a case for my phone. Would I screw up my warranty/battery encasement/outershell of the phone if I mounted the little metal nub on to the phone itself? Or would I be better off getting the Original Car Dock from Verizon? (a case is out of the question. Just... no)

Also, for more info on the Tetrax XWAY mounting system: [video=youtube;awh6QP8-BBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awh6QP8-BBE&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - TETRAX - XWAY and FIX[/video]
I don't believe that would void anything, however it wouldn't be my first choice to glue something onto my Droid.
yeah and I totally understand that and have been debating that as well. It just seems like it would make docking in and out super easy, and keep the bulk down. (I deliver pizza as a college job and am in and out of my car using GPS quite a bit.)
I would go with getting the one from Verizon only because I wouldnt want to glue something on my DX.
I had a big washer stuck to my EnV with good double sided tape and a magnet on the dash. It worked very well, and the tape came off without too much hassle (use the good stuff!). It didn't even leave a mark and it leveled out the big bulge on the back for the camera.
Tetrax seems like a good product but because I don't have one, I cant personally vouch for it. I do however, have the Arkon mount that is good. If you buy from Arkon or Amazon, it'll be cheaper than the Tetrax if I'm not mistaken
MOBI universal GPS mount, JB welded soft Velcro to its back after i filled the holes with epoxy and the hooked Velcro sticks naturally to the dash. The top tab is springloaded, and the retaining arms are rubberized, a one move on/off procedure, well worth the $10 although the A/C vent mount would look fugly. If you can't do what i did get an Arkon mount to JBWeld the MOBI into, get creative, time to void the jalope's factory warranty:)


After i adjusted the bottom sliders to allow charging i also filled up the holes with epoxy
and painted flat black for pro look.
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Thanks dedicated community. I appreciate all the input. I tried doing the velcro thing, however it has not lasted long because of the heat that has been plaguing the midwest. The adhesive backing on the velcro actually melted off and slid right off my dash... SO, onto bigger and better things.
why not buy a second battery cover and glue the thing onto the battery cover. so you have a battery cover with something glues to if in the car and a normal battery cover for when your not in the car.