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Feb 23, 2012
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I have had my D2G for about 9 months now with virtually no problems til today.

My phone had been on and working all day until it got down to being virtually dead (5%). Went to plug it into the motorola charger (5V .85A) but it didn't charge and the charging light didn't come on. This is the first time that had happened so I tried plugging it in using a USB cable to a standard USB-outlet charger (5V .5A) and then into my computer. Neither of those worked either. The phone was still clinging on to life so I tried turning it off and back on to see if that did anything. Shutdown was normal, but when I went to turn it back on, it came up in DOS, blinked "Battery Low" with some other writing below it and then turned off.

I tried plugging it back into the wall with the motorola charger, but all it does is flash the motorola M screen and does not appear to charge (charging light remains off). When I plug in USB, the charging light comes on with no blinking M. I let it charge for a while then tried turning it on (both connected and disconnected from power) and it blinks the M for a split second and turns back off. I have done multiple battery pulls for extended periods with no luck. The device is currently connected via USB and has the charging light on. I'm going to leave it for a while and try again.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm avoiding factory reset and/or getting a new phone at all costs but may have to if nothing changes soon.

Unfortunately Google has not been much help thus far.



Aug 16, 2010
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I had a similar problem before where the batter was very low. Plugging in the phone started it to charge and as soon as there was enough power, the phone would try to turn on. Unfortunately, being "on" prevented the phone from charging further, and the effort to turn on drained the battery.

The only think I remember about this is that I stumbled upon a solution, but it sounds like you have tried everything that I did. I do recall that at one point it had enough power to turn on, and I immediately turned it off to fully charge. Hopefully your USB charge will do the trick.