Wireless Printing

Hey mykl376,

I tried HP ePrint Home&Biz too, but it couldn't see my networked HP printer either. It seemed to me though that the HP "ePrint" app was only looking for "ePrint" printers, and I know mines is NOT an ePrint model. Is yours? If so, then maybe that's why it worked for you.

I have the c6380. I don't know if it's eprint or not. I'm at work until tomorrow and just saw your question. The printer is connected to our home network, and from the app on my Bionic I select the actual printer model after it scans for printers. Sometimes I have to restart the printer, but it's always works after that.

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I just picked up a Epson NX330 from Wally World for $40 and it works well with Motoprint. hooked up 3 laptops and 2 Bionics without a hitch.
+1 for Printer Share
I use it to print to my wifi enabled printer on my home network.

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+2 on PrinterShare, great app. Works fine with my print server and HP 7500.
I use the PrintBot app to my Brother wireless laser. It works very well.

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+1 for PrintBot - very simple interface but worked with an old HPLJ 1300 using an old Hawking print server. Tried numerous apps and it was the only one that immediately detected the print server (using raw jetdirect setting). Huge number of printer drivers. Pro version is reasonably priced. Doesn't interface with all office apps though. That happens through the share function but not all apps detect it.
Just want to add that after reading up on it printbot also processes your docs on its servers and sends them back to print on your printer. So it is somewhat cloud based also. Was hoping for an app that actually installs a print driver on your phone and does the processing locally but guess the technology is not there yet.