Windows 7 Mount Problem - Workaround

Thanks for the thought. Don't know how to do the "compatibility mode" thing with a device, as opposed to a software program.
I think there's a way to install the drivers for that...but not 100%, anyone????

I don't have Win7 ATM as I am waiting on my New Egg shipment, and my Win7RC copy on the laptop in doing the 2 hour shut down thing

Sorry I couldn't be more help :-(
I did download the Moto driver but no luck. BTW, the Droid shows up in Device Manager as a disk drive working properly. Go figure. Thanks for your assistance.
Not sure if you are still having the problem, but I ran into the same issue with my Windows 7 (64 bit) computer and my Droid. Here's the workaround that I have to deal with each time I want to mount my SD Card to my computer:

1. Open Device Manager (Make sure Droid IS NOT plugged in for this to work)
2. In Device Manager, click View then Show Hidden Devices
3. Click on Storage Volumes to expand the list
4. Uninstall all hidden Generic Volumes (these are the lightly grayed icons)
5. Plug in Droid and go through the typical steps to mount the SD Card and you should be good to go.
6. As always, make sure to safely remove before unplugging USB cord once done.

I hope this is helpful.