WiFi setup for Wireless Tether App


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Feb 26, 2010
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Running Froyo 2.2 with P3s 1250 kernel.

I was using WiFi with Wireless Tether before updating to 2.2. It worked flawlessly. Now with 2.2 installed and P3s kernel I can run and connect WiFi but can't ping the DNS server. It is reporting that DNS is on I can't find any way to change that setting. I was wondering if I used my own DNS server if it would start working. I get a valid IP lease. Everything connects but I have limited connectivity. I can ping the droid at

I'll give Barnacle a shot if I can't get this working but wanted to see if others ran into this first.

What version of Wifi Tether for Root Users are you using? You can download the most recent version here: [FONT=&quot]http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/downloads/list[/FONT]

I'm using the 205 Pre1 version and it links up and runs great with no other adjusts on my Droid.

Bugless Beast Froyo Version 0.2.1 with P3's 1.25 Gh Kernel.

Good luck

Downloading 2.0.5 now. For some reason I can't get a 3g connection this morning. It's taking forever to download. I'm going to throw the phone away in a minute.

Access Control was not working. I don't recall seeing any errors in the 2.0.2 version but with the new 2.0.5 version it showed an error...looked at the log...error saud failed to load access control. I had checked my connection as trusted but it was not doing what it was supposed to do. I turned it off and all is fine now. Posting this from laptop connected to Wireless Tether right now.