Wifi on 3g/4g turns off


Oct 25, 2010
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Today I noticed since outtage I'm rarely getting 4g that I know has it and when I turn on wifi I lose verizons data(3g/4g) and never happened b4? . That's not good cuz i use kakao messenger alot and on wifi seems takes for ever to go through, if it goes through at all. So now I'm just not turning on wifi. But all of this is B.S.!!!!

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Same thing happening for me, and If I turn wireless off... 3g/4g will not reconnect unless I power cycle the phone.... Been happening since about 1 yesterday.
I've seen this as well, but to clarify, data traffic may have always been routed through WiFi and not 3G/4G, but both icons in the status bar were displayed. Recently, data traffic obviously still goes through WiFi when WiFi is connected, but the 3G/4G icon has not been always displaying. Not sure if this is due to the recent outages or if it's related to the recent OTA update.
THe correct behavior should be, whatever data connection is being used should be Blue in color....Example: If in an area with no WIFI, 3G/4G will be blue....Move into WIFI connection, 3G/4G will go white, and WIFI will turn blue...

This happens for me, but the 3G/4G indicator disapears, and when I disable WIFI will not come back and I have no data until I power cycle the phone.

This was not an issue until they had the data outage. I am on 5.5.893 not 901
Getting better strength now, all three blue again like I said how it was b4 outtage. Been that way for couple hrs now

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OK, so I re-seated the the SIM yet it continues to behave like this:

Boot with WiFi enabled:
3G icon comes on blue. WiFi icon comes on blue. 3G icon turns white. 3G icon disappears. WiFi icon remains blue and data is transferred via WiFi.

Turn off WiFi:
WiFi icon disappears. 3G icon appears and turns blue. Data is transferred via 3G.

Turn WiFi back on:
WiFi icon appears white. WiFi icon turns blue. 3G icon turns white. 3G icon disappears. Data is transferred via WiFi.

Seems pretty consistent.

Note: I do not live within range of 4G service so all data transitions are between 3G and WiFi only.
After 2 days of just 3g with constant drops, I read this post and also reseated my sims card and now I have my 4g back. Thanks for the info.

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Mine has always turned of that icon as it is turning off your other data connection to conserve battery. If you are connected to a WiFi point you do not need 3G/4G. The only problem I have had is trouble with my data coming back when not connected to WiFi.
I just updated to the 901 firmware and it behaves as expected. Both icons on when on WiFi (WiFi icon goes blue and 3G icon goes white) and the WiFi icon disappears and the 3G icon goes blue when on 3G only.

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