Bionic says searching for wifi to upload videos to youtube


Aug 15, 2011
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My brother has a Droid Bionic running on 4g and when he tries to upload videos to youtube he is prompted to turn on the wifi and that is the only way it will upload. Our wifi is super slow and the 4g is MUCH faster, and I can upload videos on my Droid 3 using 3g from anywhere, and people upload videos from their phones all the time away from home with no wifi. Is this a setting or something that needs to be changed or what? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for the help!

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Go to the YouTube app then go to settings. It will give you option to upload to wi-fi or any network. Pick any network.

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Yupp... click on the youtube app... settings... uploads specify network settings for uploads... the default is wifi only... you gadda select "any network"
I tried that already before I even checked here and it didn't make a difference. I will have him try again.

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After you check any network go to settings> applications > manage> YouTube > clear data. Hope this helps.

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