Wifi no longer works after 4.3 update


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Aug 13, 2011
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When I first got my s4, I could connect to WiFi but it was always so slow that it was unusable. The prior update (4.2.2?) improved WiFi to where it would work some of the time. Now with the latest update, I've yet to find any WiFi that works. Most of the time it won't detect any networks but when it has it struggles to connect. Every time it just says that its unstable. Does anyone know a fix for this? Thanks.
I heard one guy say that going into his Wireless router, changing the security to TKIP fixed his problem. Worth a shot unless it doesn't connect even to open hotspots.

Mine does that too, keep saying it is unstable. Go to Wireless settings, hit the menu button, advanced, then uncheck "Auto network switch". That's what I did. I still get the messages, but it stays connected. The problem with that is, I think when you leave your house you will have to turn off your wifi to connect back to 4G.

Hope this helps.
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