Wifi connects but signal is terrible after JB. Any fix?

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Nov 12, 2009
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Ever since JB 4.1.2, my wifi is essentially useless. LTE takes a backseat to wifi (I assume) and my wifi is so slow that I end up having to turn off wifi entirely and go with LTE, which can be spotty in places.

Is there any fix to this? It connects fine. It just has TERRIBLE reception. I can place my D4 ON my router and it will show 2 bars with a "fair" signal.

Really annoying.

Thanks for your help.
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Haha. Just noticed that one.

Hello, Dr freud.
Is anyone else having the same problem? Would rooting and Rom-ing be a possible answer.

I've been rooted and Rom-ed extensively before but I've had a recent spate of bad ear pieces and it took 4 replacement phones to get one with a good earpiece. So I was constantly sending and recieving new phones and rooting didn't make sense at the time.

Now I can but honestly, until now, the stock Rom was fine for my use. Now I wonder if a new one would be in order.


(it's like a ghost town in here.)
Is it everywhere? Or just in one place, like at home? Also, I fixed your "wife" ;)
I honestly think it's an android issue starting with JB, WIfi on a droid 4 was okay on GB but it was reliable, on ICS it was a nightmare but since JB including stock 4.1.2 and Cyanogen mod 10.1 RC5 4.2.2 my range is half but I have always felt that it's a hardware weakness worsened by software, reminds me of my Intel 6235 Micro PCIX card in laptop that had worse range then the stock real tek, not worth the trade for Bluetooth lol
i had this problem. first flash of jb update was buggy wifi. factory reset but was still buggy all round. reflashed from microsd.. still buggy with gsm reception issues. final factory reset and wipe.. perfect. i think it had something to do with trying to install incompatible apps. apps i was trying to bring with me to jb but wouldnt run or experienced different bugs and maybe damaging the o/s. dont know why the flashing/factory resets would seem so inconsistent otherwise.

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so a factory reset would be something to try?
OK. Done a factory reset, wipe etc. Rooted and installed Eclipse 1.0.6 and still no love for the Wifi. WTF!?

Wife has a Razr M, son has a Razr Maxx and their wifi is great. Mine was. Now it totally sucks.

I certainly can't be the only victim here. Anyone have any other suggestions? Should I be looking at a replacement phone?

Thanks guys.
Hi, i have this problem too after Android update, my frend too same problems... Dont know what need to do, waiting for helps.. All looks good, in mobile wifi is shows is perfect connect and very good signal but when try to go in internet its show no ansver or no signal (something like this). Please help some one :|
well it's a longshot but try adding google dns manually into ur wifi connection settings. or any other good dns server u know and see if it helps the wifi access the internet better.

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