Widgets not Updating

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Jun 22, 2010
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has anyone else had a widget (to be more specific, any widget with a clock) and it doesnt update?
the point of a clock widget (such as bobclock) is to tell me the time big and fancy but what's the point if it says 3pm when the real time is 345pm? the only way i can find to get it so stay current is to restart. but then eventually it'll do the same thing again.

this happened on gingerblur, liberty 1.5,1, froyo
so it's not rom specific. and it's also not widget specific.

also happens on fancy widget pro (yes i know you can have it update every so often, but isnt that weather only?)

sometimes battstatt doesn't update too unless i restart

any suggestions?
I'm having the same issue. I'm wondering if Advanced Task Killer has something to do with it, however I can not find the widget to add to the ignore list. Anyone else out there find a fix. Thanks,
i dont have any task killers on my phone