Widgets & Battery Life Help Please


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Jul 10, 2010
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Hey guys!

Well, I've had my Droid X for over a month now and I'm LOVING it!

My battery usually lasts a full day and sometimes even longer. I feel like the reason my battery has ok to fine battery life is because I almost have no widgets. The only widgets I have are the wifi/bluetooth/airplane/brightness/gps switch bar, sticky note, quick contact icons, and just a bunch of app icons. But I now want to start using other widgets such as New York Times, TIME widget, Pandora, Coupon Widget etc. Will they be a huge battery hog?

Also, just another side question: I hear a lot of people talking about removing the "bloatware" such as skype, kindle and such on the Droid X.. How do you do that and does removing the "bloatware" risk my warranty or getting my phone bricked?

Thanks guys in advance!