Why everything on SD card?

Dr Fatsides

Jun 6, 2011
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Common consensus is to move everything we can to our Droid X SD cards. Are there any other advantages to doing this besides having more storage space on the card?

I have an 8G SD card. I went to take a Vignette picture today and was informed that I didn't have enough room on the card. (WTF!)

I move almost all of my pictures, vids from my phone to my PC. I have about a dozen music albums in my Media folder; four of them are .flac albums; I've got about 175 apps, most on the card; about 50 wallpaper pictures.

I'm rooted, .602, some bloatware frozen, 2 TiBU backups on the phone, no ROMs or themes - yet.

Suspicious Apps shows Facebook at 34%. All other apps show at 12% or less.

Something doesn't seem right. TiBU shows just 30 MB free on my card and 6.20 GB free on internal storage!

Could a few audio files and some wallpapers and a video or two on the card really equal EIGHT GIGs?
Is there some huge cache that needs emptied?
Is it my TiBU backups?
Should I move most of my apps to internal storage?

Dr Fatsides


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Sep 3, 2010
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I`ll answer your questions as best as I can...

1) Yes, Audio files in the FLAC format cab be quite large....and "average" FLAC album is near 200mb-250mb easily. Therefore, 4 albums alone can be a full GB of data.

2) Video files can be rather large as well depending on their format...flv are smaller than .avi and .avi is smaller than QuickTime. Videos you film with your DX can get large quite quickly if you are shooting them in 720P HD. Pictures too..

3) Titanium Back-up image files can be a fair amount of data as well depending...considering you have 175 apps, I would assume yours would be fairly large.

4) Why are you moving your apps to the SD card anyway? The DX comes with 8GB`s of internal storage already...and apps by default go to the internal storage. The reason to move apps to SD was based on phones with low available internal memory...

Easiest fix for your issue is to buy a 16GB card...too cheap now-a-days to pass em up really...