Why cant I disable network lost notification?


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Aug 2, 2011
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They added this very general way to squelch notifications, and then made sure none of the system apps obeyed them (you just cannot turn them off). So every time one of the teenage system app programmers decides his app is the center of the universe, adds a new notification of no interest to many if not most people, and there just is no way to turn it off.

In this instance, wifi will not let you turn off all notifications for the app. (Why?).
Inside the app, you can disable (under advanced) notification of new networks.

But now there is a new and as near as I can tell useless notification to absolutely everyone.
Your network disconnected. If I am not using the network, I dont care.
If I am using the network, I already know, because it just stopped working.

So every time I walk around my house my network gets disconnected (no surprise), and I constantly have this useless notification, for all practical purposes permanently displayed.

Simple fix, no driod programmers, the system appas are not special, and yes many people are not interested in seeing your notifications.

I appreciate your work quite a lot in fact, but I do not appreciate your app shouting for attention about things that are absolutely obvious. I also dont need a notification on the hour that X Oclock and all's well, just in case thats in the pipeline for next release.

Your work is appreciated, but it is not the center of everyone's universe, so maybe respect that your users are adults who can decide what they need notifications about. And let us have control of our own phones, thank you very much.

(and if anyone can point me to a hack that lets me turn off this annoying never gone notice, please post.

ps, if you read this far thanks for sharing my angst.