Which one should I follow


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Jan 8, 2011
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Okay, so this is the very first time i have tried to install a custom ROM on my phone. I have been reading around the forums for a little while and I think I am ready to do it. I have decided to try out the gummyjar rom first.

As of right now I have:
*Rooted my phone
*Downloaded the Droid 2 recovery Bootstrap
*Downloaded the clockwork ROM Manager

I don't really know the exact steps to actually flashing the ROM on my phone. I have found two videos that might help me, but I dont know which one to follow.




Which one should I follow? An if neither can i get a link to text directions that are detailed and step by step. Sorry if this is in a sticky, but I couldn't find it. haha


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Nov 30, 2009
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I don't feel like sitting though the videos.

This is from pc747:

Flashing a Rom

Prerequisite: Must be rooted, have bootstrap recovery, Made a nandroid backup, have rsdlite sbf 2.2 for droid 2 set and ready to go.

Course Material: Troubleshooting guides/Clockwork recovery guide
Troubleshooting guides/Clockwork recovery guide

Course Objective: To teach members how to flash a rom/theme

Important: Before starting it is very important that you create a Nandroid Backup first.

Step 1: Read the developers comments about the rom/theme, the requirements, and the instructions

Step 2: Do research on the from/theme to see if other users are experiencing any issues. If the common issue is, for example, force closure when using camera app then more than likely you will have force closure when you use the app.

Step 3: Download the file on to a computer. (or you can just download it onto your device).
If you download the file then move the zip file (still zipped up) to the root of your sdcard
Step 4: Either boot into recovery and flash install the rom from clockwork recovery or use rom manager to install the rom

Step 5: Wipe data and Cache if stated by the dev (most of the time they will recommend wiping data and cache).

Step 6: reboot device and check it for any errors or any thing that is unusual. If you experience problems or get caught into a constant reboot then flash your nandroid back up from clockwork recovery.

Step 7: Before sending you device back to verizon it is HIGHLY recommended that you sbf the device first.