Which browser is the best?


Nov 2, 2009
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Which browser is the best from the Android Market? for example Dolphin HD, skyfire, xscope........
I personally prefer Dolphin, but the stock browser and xscope are all popular on these forums. There's numerous threads about it too.
I have the fascinate and i cannot save pictures using bing which is driving me up a wall....Is there anything i can do?
i like the stock browser the best lol. if i had to choose, i'd go w/ dolphin
Which browser is the best from the Android Market?
Best is always highly subjective. Test drive them and see what you prefer. Or at least qualify what you specifically mean by "best". Fastest rendering? Are you looking for specific features? Something else?

FWIW I primarily use the stock browser (after trying xScope, DolphinHD, Firefox, Skyfire).
i'm probably in the minority, but i never really liked Dolphin - just way too much going on for me. fwiw, i use xscope - very fast, and nice menu options. then miren, skyfire, stock, and opera mini.
I like XScope alot it's much faaster then dolphin, opera, and the base browser I've tried Fennik (Firefox Beta) on my droid its fast but very buggy still constantly crashes but I did like it due to it's responsiveness