Which apps make you get odd looks?


Feb 28, 2011
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I just thought this could be slightly amusing. Ever since the whole revolution with touch screens and such, games have been changing, as well as everyday applications. Many of these games and other apps have to do with the way the phone is angled and moved. While this may be fine for the gaming platforms such as the Wii, it's not quite as accepted in public and many times, smartphone users forget that and get absorbed into the game, resulting in an embarrassing outburst.

When I received my Eris, it came with a Labyrinth-type game where you had to tilt your phone and make this silver ball go through a maze and land in a hole at the end. I was completely and totally sucked in by this game and received many odd looks in grocery stores, malls, etc. as I exaggeratedly tilted my whole body to one side and either cheered in victory and cursed in failure. I was only pulled out of this state by my mother who had to shake me to get her attention. When she did, she pointed out that everyone was staring.

So what apps do you use on your phone that get you some strange looks?


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Nov 26, 2009
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New York State
None that I have. I've got to get one of the driving sim games so that I can sit in Starbucks and drive a race car on my Droid. That should get this old guy some odd looks. :):icon_ devil: