where are the gb leak custom roms at for the droid2?

they wont and can't give up on the droid. moto is comming out with a d3,which ofcourse I will be getting when released
Im considering jumping ship to any dual core android device with a physical kb and unlocked bootloader. Because like many others that owned the og droid there were many choices to pick from at any given time. I've seen there are like 4 customs roms based on the gb leak for the dx and we still have none. Hopefully they come out with one by my upgrade in sept.

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I just installed Lexlite 4.1 on my D2 and im very satisfied. Its a DX rom but you can download a zip to port it to D2.

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Someone posted something about a gb ROM earlier tonight, and jrummy says he is working on a gb version of Liberty. I can't wait to see gb Liberty, but I think I'm going to check out this other one too.

I'll hopefully flash it later tonight, if the download link is posted. If not then maybe tomorrow, cuz according to the directions I need to get back up to the leaked gb before I flash the ROM. (I have Liberty 2.0.1 installed right now)

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Yeah that's the one. Need to charge my phone and get it back to the leaked GB before flashing it. He posted the DL link now.

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