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Oct 27, 2022
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Zte BLADE A72 5g
Hello to all!
I have a big question and the right replies will help me a lot (more thant you should thinks...)
I live in Italy and Ive a 5g Zte 72A smartphone.
This morning I was on a train and my signal wasn't perfect and I think It's normale during a train trip...
What's happened? That my gf wrote a message, I've replied normale but she goes crazy because, she says, I've modified my status to offline in privacy settings (to be anonymous I think...)
I'm an old guy and for me WhatsApp It's like a SMS service upgrade with photos and videos and files uploader and I think It's Always online because you write me and I receive your message. I never changed this setting because first before today I didnt know that and second I didnt modify NOTHING.
How It's possibile that she saw me offline but I was online because Ive never changed my settings? Glitches, bugs, WhatsApp down of two days ago??
Thanks a lot for all replies.
Good day welcome to the forum. I'm not aware of any setting when I look on the app, I am thinking though that if you're not getting a good connection when traveling, it might show you offline next time. Your GF sees the status. Have her send you a message and see if it makes it on your end..