What's good to. Uninstall

Nov 11, 2010
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Its good to uninstall all vzw bloat its good to supercharge watch busybox though. I uninstalled blur task manager got a force close non stop reboot fixed total ram available 220 or so. Sorry no listing but yeah supercharging is awesome on this phone

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What do you mean by supercharge? And how do you delete the bloatware?
The only part of that I could understand was remove the vzw crap. The rest was like WTF?

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Supercharger is a interactive script that modifies how android controls and distributes ram to particular apps to manage and optimize oom groupings. Busybox not sure about what it does exactly but I know for supercharging you have to have 1.18.2 or less and watch what you delete its better to frezze all of witch is running for no purpose. I deleted all of it so my mistake but im running fine. And watch supercharging do not apply the bullet proof launcher the oom groupings will change drastically. Edit: all of the supercharger info is based on zepplinrox's script and his idea

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