What would be a suggestion for Email set up using 2 exchange accounts and 2 google


Feb 11, 2010
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Hi all i am trying to configure my emails accounts correctly so i can be more efficient. i have 2 Exchange accounts 1 is my business email that all work related emails go to, and the other exchange account is an account that was set up for a business sharing of calendar and tasks list. i also have 2 personal email accounts on google. Now i have touchdown for exchange but it can only display one email account not meant for multiple email accounts. I also have enhanced email nice app also for exchange and works with my google accounts. my question is that can i do this better or should i use the stock mail apps or do i stay with my current set up i get alot of emails on the business side so when i am not at my desk my nexus is my desk. or i can get a BB just for corp emails and carry 2 devices but i hate that i want to keep it all simple stupid as they say and just have a great email client that i can use also edit emails in. maybe i am crazy but todays people are emailing more than talking and i need to be set up.