What time of day does 4G LTE light up in any given city?


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Apr 28, 2011
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Norfolk, VA
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Verizon Wireless 4G LTE is coming to the Norfolk, VA area (Hampton Roads) on October 20, according to the local paper. It's been rumored for October for a while now, with Verizon employees speaking unofficially.

Let's assume it is actually launching on October 20 and the paper didn't make a big screw-up. (Nothing has been mentioned on the VZ website so far, with news sites only referencing a "news release")

When does 4G actually light up? (Exception: early market testing where it is turned on temporarily for certain towers) will it be at midnight on that day, or about 3 A.M., or 5 A.M., or will there be a mad dash all over the area all day long by technicians to manually turn on the equipment at each individual cell site?

I know lots of you with 4G equipment were probably watching your phone like a hawk on launch day in your city, maybe even around midnight, so I'd like to know what you saw, and when.

Also, anyone down for a launch party somewhere in Norfolk? :)