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Nov 19, 2011
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I'm not entirely sure this is where I should be posting this, but I couldn't find anywhere else I was happy with. I'm currently looking at all four of the big contenders for which phone I'd like to get on Verizon, probably within the next week or two, unless I decide on the Galaxy Nexus, in which case, I'd obviously be waiting until whenever that comes out. I've looked at the specs for all four of the big contenders (iPhone 4S, RAZR, Galaxy Nexus, and Rezound), and they all seem really similar regarding hardware, with some relatively minor differences between them, and I've gone from being sure I wanted a RAZR, to looking at the Nexus a lot more, to now thinking maybe the Rezound might be my best choice - all in the last 24 hours. I'm currently using the Droid R2D2, which has treated me well (better than I've treated it), but it's starting to die, so I need a new one. I'm well aware that none of those four options have the physical keyboard, but at this stage, it looks like forgoing a physical keyboard might be the smartest step.

My uses for this phone won't be too much. I'm probably in the category of people who really don't need a smart phone due to not using it to it's full potential. In fact, the main things I use my Droid 2 for right now are texting, calling, and Facebook, with checking email and web-surfing on the side. I live on a college campus, and while high battery life would be nice (especially since I'd like to be able to keep my phone on the campus wifi all the time, which drains battery life), I can usually plug it in if I need to. This is a convenience thing, not a big functionality thing, so while I'm very generic in that long battery life is a definite +1, it's not as big a deal to me as other people. The ability to watch Youtube videos, stream Netflix, and fast load speeds for webpages is much more important to me, since the main thing I do (other than communicate with people) is mess around on the internet. Whatever is making these things faster and look best is definitely a huge thing for me.

The other thing that would be good software and hardware for listening to music. Right now I have an iPod Classic, which I've owned for 3-4 years now, and while it's certainly functional, it would be nice to only have to carry around one such device. Obviously, the iPhone is built around strong software for playing music, but what about the Droid devices? I would be listening to music with headphones most of the time, so solid external speakers aren't a big deal, however, they would also be convenient if they're good. I won't really be doing much hacking, so that's not a big deal. While I could theoretically see myself getting into it eventually, it's not at all a factor in picking out a phone. Finally, durability is kind of a big thing, since I'm pretty clumsy. I'm willing to purchase an external case for the phone as long as it's not too bulky and doesn't get in the way (the case for my Droid R2D2 wouldn't work because the case would come right up on the keyboard). Because I have an external keyboard right now, I'm used to pretty thick phones, but I'm also partial to aesthetics, so if a case is making the phone look ugly, that's a pretty big "ehhhh" for me. I know that the RAZR is probably the most naturally durable of the bunch.

If there's any questions or anything else feel free to let me know - I've tried to paint a pretty expansive picture of what I'm looking for.

Edit: Oh yeah, I need at least 32 GB of memory.
Stick to the phones with SD card slots, because you can then get a 32gb SD card for it. That limits it to Motorola and HTC I think, and if you like music, the Rezound is looking pretty good. Sound is definitely good in my Bionic, but that has been for me. I've heard is is also good in the RAZR. keep in mind that a big thing people are talking about is the fact that alot of the new phones do not have removable/upgradable battery. If you plan on doing any Modding with your phone, this might concern you. Ive read some issues concerning the RAZR getting hot and oozing adhesive, but he was using it heavily.
4G is fast as hell, but is a major battery hog. I think I'm my case, it used up the battery at least twice as fast if not faster. WIFI is more battery conservative than network, btw, so you probably will want to keep using it when you can.

The answer is 42.
Oh, wait, you mean to tell me you need to know the question now?
Well, I can't answer that.
i am pretty sure that oozing razr was a fluke..i have had mine for just over a week and it has never even gotten warm...i love this razr..it fits my needs perfectly...i suggest you go into the vzw store and hold em all and see how they feel...i strongly recommend the razr but you should go look for yourself...
Is it really necessary to get a phone with an SD slot if I can find one with at least 32 gigs of internal memory? The only reason I want that much is to watch movies/play music, and 16 gigs won't cover my needs. Also, is it really that easy to upgrade a battery if there's a removable battery?
the removeable battery makes it really easy to upgrade...on my og droid i got a new battery for $4 on amazon...you just pop the back off and swap batteries...the razr comes with 16gb card and 16gb internal...but you can upgrade the card..but nt the battery..
Right now I'm leaning heavily towards the Rezound. Any reason not to based on what I've said?
no reason at all.but..i havent done much research on the rezound..i just dont like the look and feel of most htc stuff..i have always preferred moto..just a personal preference..but go spend some time at the vzw store and see what you like...also...dig around in these forums and see what people are saying..it is an amazing place for all kinds of info and opinions...good luck..
I am waiting for the nexus...it is going to be a major change from all the other phones you are considering. With android 4.0 ice cream sandwich on it...will work different than any other phone. Check out the hands on review on youtube by the verge (spelling ?) Quite detailed and impressive. Final thought from reviewer is: this is the only phone that lives up to the hype about it.

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not to get into a whole thng about the nexus..but..the main attraction is the software..or lack of it on the nexus..the razr and the rezound will be getting ics in the very near future...i am fairly certain the op is like me and could care less about root..roms or bootloaders...the nexus is a dev friendly device...
I don't care about root or roms or whatever. Google was involved in developing the nexus. Designed for ICS from ground up. Literally a next generation phone. I personally want the 4.65 inch HD screen and hopefully phone works flawlessly with connection. No real release date yet...so if need something now..grab rezound...best screen out right now...and has beats audio...op said listening to music was important.

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i hear there are quite a few restrictions on the beats audio thing...like it doesnt sync or even like google music.....have you heard anything like that...???..