What is Your Phone Worth? Find Out With Swappa's New App.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Swappa is really the only good place to sale your phone these days. If you are a phone addict like me then you sell phones regularly to raise money to buy your next device. You could sell your phone on Craigslist, but then you have to risk possibly being chopped up by a lunatic when you go to meet your potential buyer.

There is Ebay, but recently I have tried to sell a particular phone and I have had two false buyers to have the winning option. In both cases I was sent a fake email from "paypal" saying that the device was paid for and I should go ahead and ship the phone. When I looked at my paypal account there had been no payment. I have decided that I won't be able to sell anything else on ebay. It is a wast of time and effort.

I have been able to sell three phones on Swappa and each time I have had a great experience. They only ask for a straight $10 fee which is much less than ebay ask (about $50 for a flagship device). They have moderators who moderate each sell and make sure no scamming is going on. If you are looking to sell your device you will want to check out the new Swappa app which gives you an estimate of what your phone is worth. Once you figure that part out you will know if it is worth it to sell your device on Swappa or not. Grab this app from the link below.

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