Bypass Factory Reset Protection On Samsung Phones Without A PC.

Stealing is a 0% overhead venture and parts are where it's at with phones . just like with cars, people will chop them up to make a buck. I certanly don't condone such ignorant behavior , however I also don't condone the use of "security " to cause honest people to give up and buy newer, shittier phone while causing phones to be parted out by those who don't give a **** about the law. iphone has "the best security " currently available . Yet they are stolen constantly and the parts are the cheapest. ( not to mention that they suck dick! ((in not a good way))
100% true! those that steal don't care whether it's locked or unlocked, you sell it for parts or to 3rd world market where they can unlock any locked phone.
i sent lg g3 from verizon and htc desire from sprint encrypted phones(no i didn't steal them, they were our old phones) to eastern block country and had people calling me from them in a month from a gsm network! that's a cdma carrier locked phones running on gsm of all things. they completely reprogrammed radios in them and flashed a different operating system on an encrypted device.
I followed step by step on my galaxy 6s edge but once you get through it all and got a lock screen set up there is no Camera still on the lock screen... Any other answers please help I want to get my phone working again Just got it a few months ago..

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HELP trying to unlock a s6. got to the rootjunky samsung bypass file download and it wont install. I do not get a setting option . It shows describe error problem parsing the package
The camera never showed up on the lock screen so what do I do now