What happened to Tim Hoeck's TiVo Remote app?


Apr 19, 2011
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So, I've been flipping around between ROMs on my OG Droid and I went to redownload all my apps but I noticed that one wasn't showing up in the market anymore -- Tim Hoeck's TiVo Remote.

I'm sure I still have the APK somewhere in one of my backups, but I was wondering why it would be removed from the market (while he still has a few other apps in there). His website hasn't been updated in ages.

It's sad because the app was really great and useful, especially since I have a 1-year-old that likes to occupy my hands, so sometimes I'm more likely to have my phone within reach than the remote.

Are there any options for other TiVo Remotes that I haven't seen for whatever reason if this one is dead?