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Nov 30, 2009
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N.E. Ohio
This app is another on my top 10 list. Or top 100. Anyway, I love it.

What Remote does is it hooks up to your iTunes and lets you take control from wherever you're at via wifi. In my house my set up is i have my iTune magically delivered to my amplifier via my airport which is in the room where my stereo is. An optical digital delivers the sound from Airport to my receiver.

Now this is all marvelous technology in itself, nothing brand new but still to a guy who's 58 years old and only way of listening to music was by putting on a 45 or 33 1/3 rd record on a record player pretty amazing.

The one drawback however is if you are in another area and not by your computer you have to go to your computer to switch albums. Unless you want it to play right down your list.

With Remote it locks into my iTunes and brings up all the tunes I have stored in there. I can pause, go forward, skip from any room in my house. I've had it on my iPad for a while but iPad isn't as portable as the D2 so this is even better.

Take a look at Remote in the Market. If you don't have it you should. Great app.