What does 3G one up mean?


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Jan 19, 2010
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On my 3G symbol at the top i have one arrow up and none down. I have not gotten internet service in an hr. I can use wifi and it works but when i went back to phone service, it does not work. It shows 3g but im getting squat.
yea, rebooted, turned it off for ten mins and turned it back on. switched to wifi and switched back.Im not in a 4g area so all i have to work with is 3g. (nice bike, I have an 01 Electra Glide)
When i pulled the battery and reinstalled it the 3G came back and I was able to get the internet and about 20mins later it was back to how it was prior.
Uploading but not downloading...arrows are the direction the data is traveling....
When I pull the battery I can send and receive a 3G signal for about 20 mins. When I go into a area with no 3G service, I can get 1x sending and receiving. I can successfully navigate the internet through my home wifi connection as well. I am not in a 4g area. I have not rooted my phone or put any apps on there that were not from the apps store.
If you are running a custom rom that might be the problem. Like Capt.D said the up 3g arrow means that you are just sending data and not receiving it. I have had this problem on occasion with my Droid X running a custom rom.

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Hmmm have you tried re seating the sim card when you have done a battery pull?

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reseated the sim on the batt pull, i will have to wait for a while untill i can get to a 3g area. It does seem to work for a couple minutes after a batt pull and then only send 3g and not recieve.
Download "phone info" from the market. Change your phone to "cdma auto (prl)". See if that helps.

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