what carrying case for droid? fix false car dock


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Nov 8, 2009
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Hey I have a question for yall. Recently I notice with my carrying case I carry on my hip that almost everytime I take my phone out of the case it gives me the notification "connected to car dock" when it really isn't. I looked over this problem at a couple of websites and they said the cause is the magnet on some of the carry cases cause the phone to believe its connected to a dock.

So, with that being said, does anyone know what carrying case I can get to not have that problem arise? I was thinking about getting the actual carrying case from verizon wireless made for the droid.

Naztech Marquee case. Have never had my droid turn on while in this case.
yea it doesnt' do it all the time. and i have my screen off. but when i take it out sometimes and turn it over to look at it the screen turns on. i think its the case i have. need a new case
This is unfortunate, since my favourite cases are the hip horizontal cases with the magnetic flap.
So what I'm wondering is, is there a way to disable this magnet sensor, so I can still use the pouch I used with my old phones? (Droid fits perfectly in it.)

I am thinking some cases have better 'shielding' on the inside, than others. If I have the phone out of the case and purposefully put the back of the phone to the magnet, it activates the phone, but I can put the phone in the pouch, screen facing out or in, and have never had the phone turn on. I have a co-worker with a different pouch from the same company, but his will turn on if facing the wrong direction in the pouch. Guess I got lucky as I didn't even know about this possible problem when I bought mine.
yea im going to get the verizon wireless case. the shielding in the inside of my case is kinda bare now that i think about it. had this case for a long time