weird battery issues.... HELP?

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Oct 27, 2010
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So when I got the phone I got the Battery Usage app because I heard about how poor the battery life is on the phone. It said that (after my first full charge) there was a total life of about 6.5 hours, and started draining rather quickly. I noticed that cell standby was the biggest chunk.

I found a link that had some tips on how to save battery life How-to: Get better battery life from your HTC Droid Incredible and it helped, it actually improved my total lifespan to about 17 hours, which got me through my workday just fine. SO I get home from work this morning (graveyard shift) and put my phone which is at about 8% on the charger. At 8% it told me I had about an hour left.

I wake up and it says that it is fully charged, but the app says that it is only at 99% which I thought was weird. I checked the total life and it says something like 2 hours and a handful of minutes. :icon_eek:

After 8 minutes i was at 90%! It is improving now, its only at 87% after being on for 42 minutes, but for the first few minutes after taking it off the charger it drained the battery a whopping 10%. Now my estimate is 5 hrs 15 min which is a lot better but no where near where it should be. I have wifi, blutooth, gps and background syncing all OFF, and the brightness low.

Do I need a new battery? Considering getting one of the 3100mAh ones!

Sorry for making my first post so long.
This is a well known and well documented issue with this phone. The solution is to do something called "bump charging". Try googling "bump charge incredible" and you should get a lot of results.

In summary though there is an issue with the phone where it thinks the battery is fully charged when it really isn't. The rapid drop in the first few minutes is the battery indicator calibrating itself and realizing that it isn't fully charged, and is something we all experience (unless we bump charge).

A lot of people thought HTC would fix this with the 2.2 release but they didn't.