battery life and SD card?


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Jul 23, 2010
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Made a strange discovery yesterday. (I am one who has had terrible battery life. 3-4 hours max. Even had Verizon send me a replacement, cause they couldn't explain it.) I have disabled everything possible, with only minimal improvement. Then yesterday I had my phone suddenly last for almost 6 hours.

Realized later that my sd card was not being recognized. Once I reinserted it, the battery went from 1/2 full to orange in half in hour. When I checked the battery usage list from the about phone settings page, sure enough, "Media" processes was almost as much as the Android system. No wifi, mobile, background data, music player running. Is it possible that the larger the SD card, the more battery it uses? I recently upped to an 8 GB which may explain the greater battery loss. I noticed Media goes to the top of battery use when phone has a new battery and sd card is recognized.

Anyone else notice this or know how to eliminate the Media process when nothing is running?