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Mar 4, 2010
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Is there a widget that show the weather along with the date ONLY?

Think Beautiful Widgets without the clock.

I made a skin where the clock is completely transparent and the numbers are 1x1 pixel, but the widget still holds the space. Would like to be able to put the widget at the top of the screen just under the notification bar, but as long as BW holds that space, its a no-go.
Haven't seen any with weather and date both but no clock. Weather and Toggle Widgets has several sizes of skinnable weather-only widgets, but no date. There are several free date widgets, though.
Search for "Weather" in the market and there are two weather widget apps (first two) that I like. Then you can find a date widget app........I know it's two separate apps but it's the best solution I've found. You take up 3 slots on the home screen, but all the apps are free. The date widget app I use is simply "Date Widget" and has a black icon with the date in white, but there are others that let you select colors, etc.