Wear Unlock Allows You To Bypass The Lockscreen When Connected To Other Devices.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Every time you check your phone you have to unlock it. This can be rather annoying and if you are super busy every second counts. Lockscreens however are a necessary evil especially if you wish to keep your information secure. Wear Unlock is a new app for Android Wear devices that allows you to do away with your lockscreen on your phone when connected to your Android Wear. This is similar to "Trusted Devices" which will eventually show up in Android L. As soon as your Android Wear is no longer connected to your smart phone your normal security measure will return. Normally if your device is connected to your Android Wear it means that it is in your pocket, however you should still keep in mind your device will remained unlocked until you disconnect it from your Android Wear meaning that someone in close proximity could pick up the device and access whatever they like or post something uncharacteristic on your social media. This works on Jelly Bean or higher. This will only set you back $2 on the play store!


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