Want To Add Music Clip AND Picture In Text Message


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Oct 25, 2010
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Can anyone tell me how I go about adding a music clip AND a picture in a text message I want to send?

Thanks to all that can help me!
I have tried handscent but I can't figure out how to send a picture and audio in the same message. Maybe the droid isn't capable of this? ? I know my gf's lg Vue can do this.
I know this is a bit over due but if you're still out there it's easy to do
1.) when making a mms click menu button and on that menu click "insert"
2.)on the insert menu click slideshow
3.)click on the picture or music icon doesn't matter which
4.)find the file (pic or music) located on your phone
5.)you should be taken back to the slideshow menu and there should be a slide 1 there now here is how you get them to play at the same time...
6.)click on the slide 1 and you should see a menu pop up depending on whether you added a pic 1st or music 1st the opposite option should now pop up (ie if in step3 you chose a picture you should now see "add existing or new music"
7.)click on the music/picture file you wish to add
8.) preview it
9.) send

hope this helps someone out there!