Want a fun new way to share those short mobile videos?


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Jul 19, 2014
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We all capture short moments on video using our smartphones, but what if there was a more interactive way of sharing those videos rather than uploading them to a traditional video app? I've attended Florida State University for the past two years, and I have teamed up with a couple of app developing students to create a video platform that differs completely from other existing video applications. What we have created is an environment that allows users to add on to their friend's existing content. In other words, it is a sort of 'shared gallery' where I can upload a 10 second video and a few friends can add video clips onto my original video, creating one combined video stream. We are striving to create an environment unlike the traditional video platforms that exist, we want to create a place where uploaded content can be modified by friends to create unique combinations of media.

Our app is called "WeVidz" and can be found on Google play for all Android devices. Currently, we are looking for insight on how well the app works.

Please check it out if this strikes your interest!



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