Droid does Qik


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Oct 20, 2009
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From BGR:


Our eyes popped a few weeks back when we first learned about the powerful Motorola Droid and the potential it has with its amazing camera. We set out to enhance our Android client to not just have the basic Droid and Android 2.0 support – but also showcase the power of the device. Today we are really excited to announce that no only can you download the Qik client from the Android Marketplace that supports Droid, but also request early beta access to a high-res Qik client for Droid that can capture videos in DVD resolution.

Share your experiences in DVD resolution

With this device we are raising the bar on quality – yet again! Qik for Droid can now capture of DVD resolution (720×480) video – first ever by any live mobile video provider. If you are interested in giving this beta version a try send an email to [email protected]

Droid and Android 2.0 support

We have reworked our UI to support Droid’s amazing new high resolution screen.

Sharing gets more personal with improved Speed Sharing Ribbon
The Qik Speed Sharing Ribbon(TM) makes it easy to share what you are seeing with your friends. You can create shortcuts to select contacts from your phone and place them in the Speed Sharing Ribbon so that the next time you Qik you can share your Qiks with them with just a tap on the screen. You can even record your Qiks as private and share them privately just by selecting a person from the Speed Sharing Ribbon. Also, you can setup your sharing preferences for your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube right from the phone and have them appear on the Speed Sharing Ribbon enabling you to share your Qiks with ease.

Read the entire article here: Qik gets DROID support, DVD-resolution streaming video dreams come true Boy Genius Report


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Nov 5, 2009
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New Jersey
Qik is an amazing service. I used it on my G1 a few times with friends AND some co-workers.

I am so happy they update support for the new DROID camera resolution.

Great company, personable developers, great application - A++!