Volume Location App, Can't Remember Name


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May 9, 2010
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A few nights ago I found an application that controlled the phones volume settings depending on your location. For example you could set it to go silent before entering a movie theater, or where ever, and when you leave it goes back on. Basically it controls the volume by gps/map location if that makes sense. I can't remember why I didn't download it then but I want it and cannot find it. I tried searching volume location/gps/map etc... and got nothing. Anybody know what I'm talking about or know of an app that does this?
Thanks Abe21599 that was the one. I guess I didn't get it because I'm trying to save money and it is quite pricey compared to the other apps. I thought about it and I'm trying to save as much energy as possible while out and this will only add to draining it since it requires constant location update to do what I needed. I guess it's not so hard to use the volume control, although the thought was nice. I may try it out one day but anyways. Thanks again you at least saved me some time searching for it.
maybe a middle of the two is something like an audio control manager. i have the paid add ($2) and you can set different profiles and then put shortcuts on the home screen - kinda like blackberys have

just a thought