GPS App - locate a friend


Jan 3, 2010
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I haven't posted in here FOREVER but I'm looking around and I can't see an app for this. Is there an app that exists that will allow you plus another user to locate each other via GPS? Say I'm in the woods and my friend is in the woods on a device running the same app. Can we locate each other via GPS by beacons? Almost like running google maps and seeing an object flagged on the screen as you're driving toward it?

gps status on the market has a share location setting that you can copy to clipboard and text. wouldn't be real time but works.
google latitude is a "friend locator" and its built into google maps, it will show you the area they are in never is dead on its usually within x amount of meters pending the gps signal strength.
Can we locate each other via GPS by beacons?
Just to clarify, you don't locate others via GPS. You can only determine your location via GPS. What you need is an app to share your locations with each other.