Voicemail Pause no longer works from contacts, unable to edit?


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Jun 12, 2012
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I had a pause to enter my pw for my voicemail before the ICS update and when I try to dial voice mail it only dials *86 but no pass despite the fact that I can see it from both the "call settings" and the "edit number before dialing" options. I have 2 droid bionics and the other one says "custom *86" and that phone works fine, however the one I use doesn't say "custom *86" and if I try to change it I get a message that says. "cannot edit from this app" The only instance which mine works is if I already have a new voicemail that I haven't heard and connect to vm using the notification bar. Which doesn't help If I want to go back to my VMs at a later time.

This isn't a password issue I can type in the password and access my VMs just fine and I can call from another phone and access them just fine. I programmed both phones so I have no idea why one phone updated without issues and this phone has the issue.

Any help would be appreciated.