Solved Voicemail notifications when using wifi calling


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Jul 13, 2010
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I wanted to ask this question in the VZW community forums but when trying to login/reset my password for the forums I was just getting sent in circles. Maybe someone here can shed some light on this...

Is there any reason behind not being able to receive voicemail notifications when solely on wifi when utilizing wifi calling? I can make calls, receive calls, send text and MMS what's the hold up from seeing proper voicemail notifications? This is just for regular voicemail...I don't have the Visual Voicemail.

Granted, I do have the Verizon voicemail app on my Galaxy S6 but when I *know* there's a voicemail waiting (i.e., I sent myself a voicemail so it should definitely be there), it doesn't connect to the voicemail service to retrieve the message(s).

This is the last thing now that's holding me up from fully using wifi calling at home 100%. The cell signal in this neighborhood is terrible so that's why I bought the S6 initially...for wifi calling. But early on, the implementation on VZW wasn't great and I couldn't send MMS messages either via wifi. Now that they've fixed the MMS issue apparently, the voicemail is the last piece for me.
I'm sorry I'm of no help but bumping up to see if anyone here has thoughts

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I posted the question over on the Verizon subreddit on Reddit as well and what I've gathered so far is that is just basically isn't possible to get voicemail push notifications unless:
1) there is connection to the VZW cell signal or
2) I use a third-party app such as YouMail to get notifications when on wifi.

If I find anything else out, I'll try to remember to post here as well.
Here's my latest finding...

It seems I wasn't fully aware of certain terminologies and what I was subscribed to on my account, and thanks to the VZW chat rep for giving me some clarity.

By using the handy little Verizon Voicemail app that was pre-installed on my S6, and tapping the "Play" icon to listen to a voicemail that was left for me, I was in fact using the Basic *visual* voicemail. I did not realize this. I had assumed the Basic Visual Voicemail still meant that I'd get the speech-to-text interpretation that I could read, and perhaps the Premium Visual Voicemail added some features onto that (what they might be, I have no idea). When in fact, the Premium Visual Voicemail is the speech-to-text translation and the Basic Visual Voicemail provides me with the handy little player so that I don't have to dial *86 to listen to messages.

When I first got the phone, I did try out the Premium Visual Voicemail and ultimately stopped using it. It wasn't very good. So I just kept using the message player.

The VZW rep removed the Basic Visual Voicemail option from my account so now I only have Basic Voicemail...and this works just fine over wifi. I'm mostly happy about that finding, but a little bummed out that I can't use that neat little message player. Oh well.