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Jan 18, 2010
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I can see when I have a missed call, but i have no idea if I have a voicemail. I downloaded a missed call app, but how do I get some sort of icon to appear when that missed call resulted in a voicemail. I really don't want to call into my voicemail to check every time I have a missed call.
I'm pretty sure there are two separate icons for those two notifications.
I get something to display in my notification bar that I have a voice mail, it looks like a pair of handcuffs or something. *Edit* maybe it is supposed to be a cassette tape?
Asked this same question last week. I'm not getting notifications when I have a voice mail either. The only way I know is if I one is if I have a missed call and assume maybe they left a voice mail and I check.
All I'm getting is a stupid text message to log onto visual voicemail. But no icon showing that i have a voicemail.