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Nov 12, 2011
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how can i get my vm pw to enter automatically so i don't have to do it each time?

i understand how to enter a pause and pw but cannot change my vm # to anything other than *86 or get it to actually enter the pause and pw.

Have you tried making a new contact with the pause?

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not yet, but then how do i get 1 button dialing for that contact?
You mean Speed dial?

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yes - i want to be able to hit one button and have my vm dialed and pw entered
Create a new contact with the pause and what not. After you save it go to the dialer and then menu. Second option is to manage speed dial.

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did that - but still requires touching phone icon and then press and hold speed dial button for vm. is there not a way to assign an icon from home screen for true one touch calling of vm and have pw automatically entered?

i read about direct dial which appears to do what i'm looking for but i don't have a direct dial option under applications.

this is getting frustrating - surely there is a way to get what i'm lookin for - thx in advance if you can help me
You could make a contact shortcut. Hold down and then shortcut. That would put it on your homescreen.

Sorry if I'm nit being much help. I've been using Google Voice for the past few years.

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Should be moved to hacks section. However this is what you need to do.
1. Dial - ##program (##7764726)
2. Enter 6 zeros (000000) - hit verify
3. Number 8 (SMS/mms settings)
4. Click voicemail number
5. Edit to - *86,,insert password here#
6. For instance if password was 0000
It would be *86,,0000#
(Commas are found by hitting symbols key next to zero. . It will say pause, insert 2 of them.
7. After exiting hold down 1 key to dial voicemail without password

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