videos into apps?


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May 10, 2011
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Hello everyone,

I will be very thankful for your advice for the following-

I created several animations (each is one minute long) that are supposed to be watched on mobile phones and to look like interactive apps, but are not really "apps" (no programming involved, just regular video files- AVI and MP4)

The one holding the phone entertains his friends with the animation, while playing an interactive(external) role with the animation, thus crating an illusion of interactivity between him and the animation.

My first thought was to sell those animations via wap-page(as I want to sell video files only), yet it will be very easy to copy the videos illegally, so my next obvious option is turning the video files into app files (Apk etc') and sell them via itunes, android market etc'

I will appreciate your advice for the following-

1. Is there such a big advantage selling the videos in app format, or a better/equivalent approach will be to use a wap-page?

2. If selling the videos like apps might be wiser, can I (cheaply preferred) convert the videos into apps files (such as apk etc') without the need to deal with SDK and such by myself?(maybe there is a software that convert them automatically...)

3. Another option is using mobile content aggregators, yet they usually take more than 50% of the revenue- Is it a good option, comparing to the above?

Any advice of yours is thankfully welcome.



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Nov 29, 2009
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You might have better luck asking in a development forum.